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Brian Mikesell

Name:  Brian Mikesell
Instruments:  Guitar
Equipment:  Guitar — Custom 6-string basswood body (swirl dipped) with Lace pickups, Acoustiphonic preamp, custom Roasted Maple Warmth neck
                             Amp — Modded custom Peavey Valveking, Peavey 4×12 slant cab
                             Pedalboard — Custom Pedalboard, ts-mini overdrive, Boss noise gate, DD3 and DD9 digital delay, MXR m108 EQ, Behrenger tuner, Vox line switcher, One Spot, Line 6 G50 wireless Relay
How did you become a musician?:  Just started playing and never stopped
Where do you see yourself 20 years from now?:  Probably doing what I do now, fabricating metal, playing music, gaming, and most of all loving and nurturing my family
Musical Inspiration:  Steve Vai, Chopin, Nobuo Uematsu, and Koji Kondo
What’s in your music folder on your phone/computer/etc?:  Prof metal and local artist stuff
What is your favorite song from your albums?:  Descentience
Favorite song to play live?:  Descentience
Best Venue you’ve played?:  5th Quarter Lounge
Warm-up ritual before getting on stage?:  Enjoy the other bands
Favorite food/drink:  Cheesecake
Favorite movie/series:  Whatever I’m into currently
Favorite reads:  Sanderson and Rothfuss
Favorite cartoon/comic:  ALL ANIME
Favorite game/sports:  Basketball
Your kind of heaven:  The material plane of Cheesecake
Your worst vice:  Shy
Hobbies:  Gaming
Place(s) you’d like to visit:  Alaska
Wise words:  Others want you to succeed, just not more than they have.
Last but not least:  Is there something you need!?!?